When Gregory Elias is not spending his days running the successful United Group, he enjoys reading to keep his mind healthy. Studies in recent years have shown that reading is not only a good way to occupy your time, but can actually improve parts of your brain.

There are some doctors and scientists that have been able to correlate a positive relationship between reading and the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. There are still many questions that surround this new information, but every study conducted shows that people who read are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Other scientists have pinpointed a strong link between reading and a person’s ability to learn new things. It is widely understood that as humans age, their ability to learn new things decreases. This is the biggest reason that educators promote learning a foreign language at a young age, for example.

However, people who read are forcing their brains to retain great quantities of information, without realizing it. This act of learning and retention allows the reader to recall the information they have read more quickly and efficiently.

Reading is acknowledged for its cultural benefits, as well. Readers, young and old, prove to be more socially and culturally aware than others. These people, like Gregory Elias, are more prone to being active in their communities, civic duties, and their personal lives. In this respect, readers are more likely to attend community events, vote in their nation’s elections, and get more exercise or physical activity each day.