Studying the elusive panda bear is something of a hobby for financial professional Gregory Elias. Throughout his life, he has made it a point to learn about this endangered species, and promote the education of others in the process. Over the last few decades, Elias has learned some very interesting facts about the panda bear that are surprising.

While the word bear is in its name, and it is a member of the bear family, the panda bear is actually closer in relation to the raccoon. Also, though the panda is called a carnivore, it is really an omnivore. Having sharp teeth allows the panda bear to eat meats, but it really prefers to eat the young shoots, leaves, and stems of the bamboo plant. However, since the bamboo doesn’t offer adequate nutrition, the panda bear must eat a lot of it each day to stay alive. Each panda bear in the wild will spend at least sixteen hours of its day eating bamboo.

The panda bear does not make a den or special home for itself, instead chooses to lay down on the ground and rest whenever it feels the need. While they are hard to spot in the wild, pandas stay very active. They are good climbers, which helps them find the best bamboo shoots or get away from predators that would normally harm them in the wild.

Gregory Elias is very fond of pandas and spends some of his free time learning more about this amazing species.