As the Chairman and Managing Director of The United Group and related group companies, Gregory Elias has watched his company grow over the years. Operating an above-board financial institution is difficult in today’s market, especially with so many recent issues cropping up in the banking industry.

The financial services sector has been plagued with what can best be described as a checkered past. Many of the largest and most prominent banks and financial institutions have caused issues for smaller operations through their poor economic and financial choices.

Combating the poor reputation that banks now receive is something The United Group accepts fully. Elias and his colleagues have learned that by continuing to offer their clients the best services and the most integrity they can help dispel the negative impacts of those other institutions that have soured the field. By constantly providing solid business practices, items and systems that create a better sense of security, financial experts at The United Group are showing the world what they have to offer.

Understanding that actions speak far louder than words, The United Group plans to continue their decade long streak of financial transparency and accuracy. With financial specialists who were hand-chosen for their unique experiences, clients are afforded new perspectives and a greater array of expertise. Though the company is small, it is making quite the impact in Curacao and other jurisdictions where its subsidiaries are established. Gregory Elias and his staff hope to continue their journey in financial and wealth management, offering the finest advice to financial managers and wealth owners.