Gregory Elias, who was born in Curacao before spending his youth in the Netherlands, returned to Curacao in 1981 to start his professional career. On January 1, 2007, Elias started the successful business The United Group. The purpose of United Group is to offer those who rely on the financial services industry a better and more well-rounded experience. Its mission revolved around the primary desire of contributing financial knowledge, commitment, and foresight to each client who wishes to have a solid business.

Transparency is a chief goal of The United Group, and a concept that is placed at the forefront of every transaction and business venture. Working for each client’s best interest, while upholding a dogma of honesty and integrity has given rise to the company’s continued success. Though it is not always the most profitable decision, United Group made a commitment early on to only work with those who own businesses in safe jurisdictions. Along with their efforts to use small teams of specialists in the field, each customer is treated hospitably and personally.

Every financial service offered through United Group is integrated, which gives clients easier access to their funds and the different programs offered through the company. From the simpler small business financial needs to those that are intricate and complex, Gregory Elias and his team at The United Group can handle it all. Operating under the belief that everyone should take part in social responsibility, citizens in Curacao are happy to use their services.